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Skjermbilde fra applikasjonen som viser La Vandre for sportsklubber
Om La Vandre

La Vandre for your sports team

By offering La Vandre to the members of your sports club, you help facilitate easy and effective reuse. Members will be able to make sustainable choices more easily without requiring too much time or logistics. As a result, the rate of reuse will increase, environmental impact will decrease, and both children and adults will develop good and sustainable habits. Increased reuse is important for the environment, our children, and the future they will live in.

Norway is among the world leaders in terms of the number of children and youth participating in sports. The need for expensive and constantly new equipment for growing children makes participation in sports expensive and unsustainable. In order for there to be equal opportunities for everyone, the price of sports must be reduced.

La Vandre not only contributes to a greener everyday life but also to reducing social inequality by providing all children and young people access to affordable quality clothing and equipment.

The sports club regularly receives a climate report that shows the environmental savings that members have been able to create by buying used clothing and equipment through La Vandre.

Skjermbilde fra applikasjonen som viser La Vandre for sportsklubber

How much does it cost? 

The sports team subscribes to La Vandre and offers this as a service to its members. A unique group code is created for the sports team. 

Price model: 

NOK 0.50 per member per month ex VAT

  • No establishment fees

  • Download and use are free of charge

  • Support and administration are included in the price

If you want to order La Vandre for your school, you can fill in the order form, or contact us: 

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