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Let Wander in your company

La Vandre is a useful reuse solution for companies that give the company's employees the opportunity to sell, buy and/or give away used clothes and equipment with their own workplace as a marketplace. The solution minimizes emissions and saves costs.


The clothing industry is ranked by the UN as the world's second most polluting industry. Today's employees are more concerned about the environment than ever, and many emphasize the company's investment in sustainability when choosing an employer. In addition, the sustainability aspect is more often assessed by business partners, customers, suppliers and other partners.


Most people want to make green choices, but employees' everyday lives are constantly characterized by a lack of time. Alternative marketplaces can make it challenging to get the time and logistics to go up around collection, shipping and dialogue with potential buyers. With La Vandre, the company's employees get access to their own digital marketplace where what is to be bought and sold is easily brought to the office for delivery.


The solution helps to promote the company's own sustainability efforts and engage the employees in sustainability initiatives such as reuse and the circular economy. The company is regularly sent a climate report showing the environmental savings the employees have managed to create by buying used clothes and equipment through La Vandre. La Vandre also provides contact points across the organisation, which could have a positive effect on the working environment.

An important contribution for the company, for the employees and the environment in which we live.


Skjermbilde fra applikasjonen som viser La Vandre for bedrifter

How much does it cost? 

The company subscribes to La Vandre and offers this as a service to its employees. A unique group code is created for the company. 

Contact us for a non-binding offer

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