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Updated 01/09/2022



Agreement on subscription to La Vandre (hereafter referred to as the service) is concluded between the Supplier and the Customer.

Supplier is the legal entity that owns all rights to the Service. The supplier does not assume responsibility or obligations towards third parties that may hinder the implementation of this agreement.

The offer includes

• Establishment La Vandre

• License Let Wander App

Price for subscription:

Establishment cost: NOK 0

Prices for subscription to La Vandre:

Under 40 children: NOK 150 per month ex VAT

40-100 children: NOK 180 per month ex VAT

Over 100 children: NOK 250 per month ex VAT


The amount is invoiced per year, invoiced for the first time at start-up.

Regulation of price:

The prices can be adjusted on 1.1. every year, the first time on 1 January 2025 after the consumer price index.

Entry into force

The agreement comes into force at the time the solution is made available to the customer.

Limitation of liability

The supplier is not responsible for any losses the customer or a third party may incur directly or indirectly when using the service. This also applies to system errors in the Service, documentation and/or incorrect use of the system. The customer himself is financially responsible for any additional work that may occur in the event of all types of system errors.

The parties may not transfer their rights and obligations under this agreement without the written consent of the other party.

The customer must only use the service for their own use, and it may not be sold, rented out or otherwise made available to third parties, regardless of whether this is done for consideration or not.


Suppliers strive to have the service in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If system updates or the like require measures to be taken that could lead to interruptions, disruptions or changes to the service, the supplier will, as far as is practically possible, give notice of this in good time.

The supplier takes a daily backup of the customer's solution. Any recovery in connection with the customer's own deletion/user error must be agreed separately.


The customer is obliged to store the username and password in such a way that no one else has access. The customer guarantees that the group code for the service is only given to users in their own group.



The supplier offers support within normal working hours.


Force Majeure

If the implementation of this agreement is wholly or partially prevented or made significantly more difficult by circumstances beyond the parties' control, the parties' duties are suspended to the extent that the circumstances are relevant, and for as long as the obstruction lasts. Such obstacles include, but are not limited to, strikes, lock outs, war, pandemics and any situation that would be considered force majeure under Norwegian law. Each party can also terminate the agreement if force majeure makes it particularly burdensome to maintain the agreement.



If the customer significantly breaches the agreement on any of the points, the Supplier can terminate the agreement with immediate effect. Failure to pay the Supplier is considered in all cases to be a material breach, and may lead to the termination of the agreement.


Duration and termination

From the specified start date for 1 year. The agreement is then automatically renewed for one year at a time. In case of termination, the agreement must be terminated no later than 3 months before the expiry date. Pre-invoiced amounts are not refunded.  



Any dispute is settled according to Norwegian law and with the Oslo District Court as the venue.

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